The Anthony Robins Guide To Denver Breast Augmentation

Denver gloves before I touched implant on either side and here’s see the implant which is also washed in antibiotic irrigation and now we’ll go ahead and place the implant so we finish our breast augmentation on both sides I use a tissue glue derma bond to seal the incisions so we don’t have to put any bandages on the incisions themselves patients go home with a surgical bra which they’ll keep on for about two weeks the derma bond helps keep the incisions airtight watertight helps the healing process and also keeps the incision clean and sterile all right so we’re done with our.

Breast augmentation Denver breast augmentation the patient did very well we had a great surgery and she looks fantastic I really do think that we achieved every goal we set out for the surgery our nurses will monitor her and when she’s deem appropriate to discharge she’ll go home at ten you and remember always refer to your surgeons instructions as they may be different and always ask questions when in doubt thank you Coubertin is RA who rest sighs any Stanocar car Berhan equally pooches angrily you buy a hello buy her a quote or dude rose Rothko so they saw me if mu t wrote kiss up a glass tooth BG couch it in Omaha castaƱo Kaka Berjaya yard rock kilo fat dude Matthew G will claim he equipped whole milk if eg you stop soya Hamari Sharif me.

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