How To Get People To Like Dental Saving Plan

outcome for our cancer Dental Saving Marketing company for dentist plan Smile more dental savings plan patients ultimately the whole focus is on our cancer patients to make sure their outcome is equal to the global standards and that is what weave achieved very clearly and we are being quoted on several times in the Harvard Business School and also in the Harvard Business Review on these aspects right so that’s about the you know primarily what the company.

Does we’ve also understood how will you be really using these proceeds we haven’t touched upon the expansion part of where you will be putting in money to expand further but looking at your financial sat this point in time your bottom line has been in the negative you’ve been posting a loss though that has narrowed down if you compare it on a yearly basis-as per the numbers that we have for forgive us a sense on that front I mean what’s really been happening what’s the reason we are if you take a step back we have always been a bit of positive outgrowth has been solid growth in alabaster year there we touched and were on track to achieve.

our goals for this Dental Saving plan coming here or we believe our margins and the mature centers we look at a beta margin is actually our Rocks also higher so we are on track to achieve this goes as and when the center’s become mature all of them will become higher bid imagine with good Proctors is our way of serpents the center’s become mature and produce high level of profitability OK and what are your targets going forward as to how much oaf growth can we really expect on the towline as well as on the bottom line and what is the total amount that you are looking to invest for expansion within the year fee of the next financial year Cannot do any.

Forward-looking comments but at this time we are going to you know we will be generating good amount of cash flow coming here because of our increasing bid on increasing margin we intend on using this for further expansion not only in India but we also have some made some inroads into Africa because of the number of international patients we see nearly twenty percent four revenue in our comes from international patients and it is going to increase substantially as we go forward and we are also established some clinics in East.