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We will take a digital picture of you in our breast simulation studio and use your own picture to provide you with a three-dimensional image of your own body with different shapes and sizes of implants you will beadle to see a simulation of your own post-op results so you can choose the right implant to give you the results you desire another part of our practice that sets us apart is our use of the anesthesia.

Pump to slowly drip local and aesthetic around the breast implant forth first few days after breast augmentation the pain pump is an elegant device that has dramatically reduced or eliminated post-operative pain after breast augmentation we are thrilled Tobe able to remove the fear of post-operative pain as an obstacle to your decision to have breast augmentation I am proud that outpatients frequently comment on the exceptional quality of my team when you come to our office for your personal consultation you will see that my staff has earned their reputations a hand-picked team of professionals dedicated to creating an environment of caring call to schedule your consultation now and come experience the difference for yourself.

I am a board-certified plastic surgeon, I’m Chief of Plastic Surgery at Swedish Medical Center,and I want to talk about facial cosmetic surgery. Facial cosmetic surgery is wonderful diverse field in plastic surgery.Each patient who comes in who is thinking about having facial cosmetic surgery has certain things they have seen which have changed over time they want to address.My job as a plastic surgeon is to approach each area of the face based upon what has led to the issues that they’re seeing, what has caused the facial aging.

And then develop a plan of treatment to reverse those findings.I approach the field of facial plastic surgery from the point of view that there are three or four things which have potentially contributed to the appearance of facial aging. It’s important to evaluate the quality of the patient’s skin and things in the past, has there been insults such as smoking, sun exposure, things which have caused the skin to look older with fine lines and wrinkles, are there pigmentation changes, is there loss of elasticity.

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