It here today and you’re gonna do it on your patient Jen who came how are you and well thank you first off you’re beautiful I mean what do you need to do what are you hoping to get get out of today’s treatment I hope for overall to improve the firmness and to kind of diminish some of the fine lines okay Christian would you mind.

Would you just give us a few seconds and you brought the holiday holiday inn you might get that right you are I want to do Oh after I safe elevate doesn’t sound like a real word it’s done very gently on the surface of the skin okay we’re gonna get it like this so and what we’ll do is you’ll be able to see um the skin smooth right in front of you okay shit keep showing us that again as we get a close-up would you mind turning your head like you.

just did look towards me genco there you go and so all you’re really doing is just rubbing the skin with that right of course sorry and what it does is it it actually warms up the tissues underneath the skin it makes it so that they tighten and you get a media tresult and then you also get a long-term result which is spectacular in fact I can tell you the first time I ever saw one of the patients who had this done i was astounded at.

How much better she look really right hey would you mind passing that over I’m going today let’s do be forget Jen before and after on this right here so it looks like a pretty small wand can you use that only on the face that’s the a in the FDA approved it for treatment on the face for the kinds of things that she just mentioned tightening and wrinkles and lifting things up potentially can be used many other places as well.

This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for anybody if they’re doing Saturday shopping right you bet and how long are each treatment Christian it roughly takes about minutes to an hour depending on how large of an area I’m trying to cover.

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