Great Lessons You Can Learn From Cornerstone Dental

Few years that has really changed the scope of Dentistry when you can take some a do act scan of their mouth have an implant guide made it guides where the implant goes you can only have the crown fabricated and ready to go in its place before you even start working on the patient so those type of advancements in dentistry have just been tremendous our materials are better than I’ve ever been we’ve moved away from the amalgams which are the silver fillings that a lot of people used to get in their mouths and.

we now go to composites where the compositor I actually bonds both sides of the tooth we also have lasers in dentistry and there’s so many different applications for the lasers from treating soft tissue to treating periodontal disease crown lengthening procedures you can even remove bone and actually prep teeth with lasers which adds to the patient comfort experience which has been very nice when I was probably in the seventh grade I went tony family dentist who was dr. love fantastic gentlemen very good dentist and in that moment.

I decided hey I think I’ll I kind of like this and from that moment on I’ve always moved towards dentistry and then had some great la grange Dentist mentors and who got me started in the Ram clinic a remote area medical who does a lot for indigent care or people that you know don’t readily have access to to dentistry so I volunteered a lot with them during college if you have the information we’ve been discussing interest you at all if you’re looking for an environment or something actually really cares wants a tailor treatment.

Touche specifically find out more about Sat-what a smile calm you can search out-your different doctors or a personality type you might think you link up wit hand we are here to serve you and look forward to the opportunity to meet.